“We are getting closer to intelligent machines, but they are showing the necessary weakness of intelligence.” — Richard Feynman

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The Future Is Here

Self-driving vehicles are steadily becoming a reality despite the many hurdles still to be overcome – and they could change our world in many unexpected ways. Autonomous racing vehicles present even more challenges because of their high-speed vehicles dynamics and that’s what we are here for! Challenges. Autonomy. Thrill. Why wait for the future when you can be building it yourself right now!

About KAT

image-right This open group/club is designed & targeted for all the enthusiasts in autonomous vehicles, robotics, electronics, computer vision, machine learning, and anyone who has a zest for learning and transforming the future into reality. We do not expect anyone to be proficient in these technologies and are open to students, professionals, and hobbyists. Since we are primarily a student club, there are no membership fees and no contracts to join/leave anytime. However, we request you to inform us before leaving to transfer your assigned tasks to someone else.

Available Resources

We are just getting started; we already have multiple scales of Traxxas RC platforms with embedded boards such as NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and Xavier AGX, along with several different sensors like Cameras and Lidars. We also have a robotic manipulator for anyone interested in doing incredible things with it. We are also openly looking for sponsors from both industry and academia. If interested, please send us an email and get featured on our homepage.

Let’s have fun collaborating, building, and showcasing our talents while we achieve a common goal of building Autonomous Racing Vehicles!

Updates & Information

Fri, Feb 11, 5:00 PM
Crux of Linux for beginners
UCF Main Campus
Fri, Mar 18, 5:00 PM
Program Robots with ROS
UCF Main Campus
UCF Main Campus

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